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Because, that's why. [Jan. 26th, 2010|09:30 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Great Artists and Their Google Searches

This was inspired by a conversation I had with Heather Elomaa. Like how looking into a woman's purse will tell you everthing you need to know about her, so looking into people's google searches will let you see their deepest, darkest secrets. 


“Leonardo Da Vinci sucks” “Everyone around me is incompetent and sucks” “What jobs can I get my brother” “How do I deal with my incompetent brother?” “Marble” “What to do if I hate the pope” “How can I tell if I’m gay”” “hot + naked + dudes” “How to prove I’m not gay”



“How to be more assertive about sharing credit” “working with difficult personalities” “Bernini is a jerk” “my hair looks awful all the time” “Everyone likes someone and they suck” “ Vatican Hill core tests” “PSI formulas” “How to deal with popularity” “Bernini is a BIG STUPID JERK” “No one ever pays attention to me” “discount swords”



“Sketching is for nerds” “How to be a Bad-ass” “Legal advice-Rome” “How to knife fight” “sword carrying rules-Rome” “Is stabbing always fatal?” “Trains out of Rome” “how do I convince people I’m a good person” “How to become a knight of Malta” “getting over guilt” “Legal Advice: Malta” “Newsfeed: Caravaggio, Guilty or Not Guilty” “Cargo ships to Rome



“Life is a highway-youtube” “What do old people like?” “Cashing out on the elderly” “Ebay” “sharperimage.com” “brooks brothers” “custom pools that look like my face” “freecreditreport.com" “Debt solutions” “Dutch origin” “Damn Kids and their stupid fads”


Jacques Louis David:

“speech impediments” “Bad-ass Roman Myths” “Revolution activities in my neighborhood” “Marat” “Marat + revolution” “Marat + revolution + awesome” “Charlotte Corday is a filthy whore” “What to do if the tides have turned in your revolution” “how to prove I’m innocent” “Napoleon” “Napoleon + horses + alps + AWESOME” “Napoleon is my best friend” “Mapquest: Paris to Brussles”


Van Gough:

“Walking on sunshine Lyrics” “craigslist: Houses in southern France” “I’m in love with someone but they don’t love me back” “My roommate hates me” “Christmas gifts for your roommate” “How to stop hemorrhaging” “James Blunt- Goodbye my lover lyrics” “How can I tell if I have syphilis?”


Pablo Picasso

“women” “Picasso” “women in paris” “Pablo+ Picasso” “how to make sure you’re girlfriends don’t find out about each other” “Pablo+ Picasso+ Great Painter” “what do I do if my girlfriend is pregnant” “Pablo + Picasso+ Great Painter + Better Lover” “how can I change the entire course of western culture with one painting?” “Picasso has great abs”