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The Architect in Fiction: Battle for the Ultimate TV Architect. - What's the most dangerous animal? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Architect in Fiction: Battle for the Ultimate TV Architect. [Oct. 26th, 2009|12:00 am]
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Ted Mosby Vs. Mike Brady Vs. Marshall Darling

Let's look, first, as to why they’re similar:


They are all men and TV Dads who are all the ultimate authority when you’ve accidentally stolen something, or have hit your sister with a football, breaking her nose and ruining her chances for romance at the dance (or did it?). While they all proudly state they are architects, we rarely see them working. A little odd, since architects LOVE to work and rarely do anything else. When we do see them working, the work is beautifully crafted or impeccably drawn and pretty much finished. In my limited experience, that is pretty much impossible on a first go.


Ok so that is how they are similar. How are the Different?


Contestant Number One: Ted Mosby How I Met Your Mother


            How do you make holidays special?

·        I watch my friends slap each other


            What do you look for in a woman?

·        I always ask is she the kind of woman who I could marry and discuss constantly but never meet until my show is no longer profitable?


            Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

·        Oh My God I want to be married.


Ted Mosby is a funny dude, and out of all three of these men, most blatantly carries on the quirks common amongst architects. Ted is equal parts neurotic, egomaniacal, earnest and sneaky. He will a become a Mike Brady but he is still in the early stages, making mistakes and finding his Carol. Ted is more ready to geek-out then his rivals, I think my favorite moment being when he goes on and on about the 5 architects he would like to have dinner with, I realized I had done that myself, many a time.


Contestant Number Two: Mike Brady The Brady Bunch

You need to cancel your weekend plans because of rain, what do you do instead?

·        Might I recommend a house of cards to settle a family dispute?

What color best describes your personality and why?

·        Either Burnt-Sienna or a Chocolate Brown. Neutral, safe and probably smells like meat-loaf.

Your work let's you out early, what do you do with this free time?

·        Potato Sack Race, Bitches.

Mike Brady, The most stereotypical TV Dad available just happens to be an Architect. He does that thing where he pauses before speaking, as if what he is about to say is the smartest thing you have ever heard, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Throwing Latin around all willy-nilly and yet we still believe him. Unlike the other two, Mr. Brady is a vague architect, never really showing any interest in his work, which is understandable, because, well, he has 6 kids.

Contestant Number Three: Marshall Darling Clarissa Explains It All

Your house is on fire, what do you grab as you run out?

·        Besides my children? My awards.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?

·        I would design more buildings that look like things.

What do you wish you could change, if you could change one thing?

·        I wish my Mies-esque mentor would remember my name.

Marshall Darling is a mix of Mike and Ted. He has the vague wisdom of a Brady, but the endearing quirks of a Mosby. Unlike the other two, we get a clear window into the kind of Architecture Mr. Darling works on. He designs buildings that look like things, making him an inexplicable post-modernist. Unlike Mike Brady, Darling embarrasses his children with his excitement rather than his general lameness.


So who wins the TV Architect-off?

Personally, I think Ted Mosby wins this one, even though not technically a “TV Architect Dad”, (He is a father in the show, but we never see him actually interacting with his children, as they are in the future after the story-line is concluded.) He is the best portrayed TV Architect.

So why Ted?

Because he is the narrator and protagonist, we get the most feel for him out of the three so unlike Darling and Brady, Ted is not a satellite character who is in constant but distant control. Ted tells you he is facing hardships with a rival, or that he had to turn to academics when his attempted one-man firm failed. That insecurity, timed with the Older Mosby’s witty interjections, work to create a fuller kind of depiction of an architect. Ted Mosby proves that architects aren’t born old or wise, but many become that way just because they keep finding new ways of messing up their lives and live to embarrass themselves further.

But that’s just my opinion: you be the judge, do you pick:

  1. Immature yet Sincere, Ted Mosby
  2. Boring yet Wise, Mike Brady
  3. Geeky yet Handy, Marshall Darling